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Welcome to FMS Running

If you're looking for a serious running site/blog/place to find great gear, you found it!

Who Is Ron Maver?

2X NYC Marathon finisher

4X NYC 1/2 Marathon finisher

Who is Ron Maver?

Ron isn't just an ultra marathon runner. He's the man behind new high performance running gear at First Mile Sucks Running that you don't even know that you need.

UESCA Licensed Professional Coaching

Whether you are a first time runner, a weekend warrior, a seasoned veteran or competitive athlete, you are a runner. And all runners at some point, recognize the universal truth of running….the First Mile Sucks!!

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First Mile Sucks

This is true regardless of your age, running experience or training schedule.  This is true when running in midsummer heat, through the brutal cold of February blizzard or in perfect, climate controlled conditions of your local gym.  This is true on days when you wake up and can’t wait to crush a personal record and it’s even more true on days when you don’t want to get out of bed.

The first mile always sucks.  But runners know something that non-runners can never understand—the happiness that lies just beyond the first mile.  And, if you can just get past that first mile and push past that first, uncomfortable, miserable part of the run…then everything will get so much better.

FMS is dedicated to helping runners of all levels push past that proverbial First Mile and finding true running happiness.

We offer only the highest quality moisture wicking shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and all running gear complete with our sublimation process to ensure there’s no peeling or fading.  If you not on the road be sure to check out our collection of hats and street wear to let everyone you know just what you think about the first mile. We stand behind all of our products and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Welcome to the FMS family.

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Get you hands on our signature shirts and let everyone know exactly what you think of the first mile. These high quality dry wicking, antimicrobial 100% poly interlock shirts, will make you feel dry and refreshed even on the hottest days.

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